What is it?

The Zeo Raw Data Library is a huge step in giving Zeo users a new level of control over their data. The library consists of two parts:

  1. The firmware that enables streaming data output from the serial port on the back of Zeo.
    • The getting started guide provides links to download the firmware and will teach you how to create a cable to connect your Zeo to your computer.
    • The BaseLink documentation contains more details on the streaming serial protocol.
  2. The Python library that can read and interpret this data. Although this is currently only in Python, the code is simple enough to allow easy porting to other languages(including embedded platforms).
    • The getting started guide provides links to the python library and its dependencies.
    • The API details all of the modules, classes, functions, and datatypes used by the core Python library.
    • The examples will provide you the basic code to get your program started and some example programs.


This library was created to help us achieve our mission to help people discover new, scientifically-based ways to improve the quality of their lives through the power of sleep. We recognize that there are probably ideas we haven’t considered yet or simply don’t have the time to implement. Open source development is a great way to give users the power to put their ideas into practice on their own and share their creation with others.

We hope that in creating this library a community of developers may form around Zeo. A few projects we have heard of range from lucid dreaming induction to integrating the data with other health tracking products(please keep in mind Zeo is not an approved medical device).

Terms and Conditions

Please read the most up to date version of our Terms and Conditions.


We are hoping that users will develop and share many applications that utilize this new library. The future is intentionally unpredictable for this product. We intend to see where it goes and decide our next move based on that. We hope that it might be ported to other languages, including embedded platforms, to make it even more accessible to everyone.

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