Welcome to Dream Share!

This feature is not yet implemented. Luckily my good friend Daniel Oldis has been working on testing dream sharing using some custom scripts and sleepstreamonline. Check it out: http://sourceforge.net/projects/dreamshare/

Dream Share is one of the most exciting aspects of Sleep Stream. The lofty goal of Dream Share is to support inter-dream communication between two or more sleepers. It will also support a single-user mode which can be useful for trying to achieve lucid dreams on your own.

It will proceed a bit like this: First you start a new session on your personal stream viewer. Then you share the session name/password with anyone you want to join. They set your username as the host, enter the session name and password, and are now linked to your stream.

Once all of the members have logged in, the fun begins. There are several possible modes that can be created, including: racing to see who gets lucid first, sending signals to others while you are both dreaming, and simply getting consistent dream signs. The first two will depend upon sending a signal back to the computer using a specific sequence of eye movements.

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