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It’s on my to-do list

I constantly have new ideas for this site and I’m starting to get worried I will forget them. As such I am starting this blog post and I will add to it as a think of new features to add. … Continue reading

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Tech Fails and Administrative Successes

I have been working with Zeo for a while now to get a blog post up on their site. Yesterday was the day that blog post was to go live… Tech Fails I had noticed that the last couple times … Continue reading

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Back in a flash!

Hi everyone! Instead of doing my DSP (Digital Signals Processing) homework, I took the day to revamp the site a bit. Don’t worry, I’ll get the homework done tomorrow. I was having some issues, especially in chrome, where the javascript … Continue reading

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Getting off the ground

Welcome to the Sleep Stream Online Blog! This is the official blog for the world’s first sleep streaming website. You can stream, record, and share data from your Zeo using this website and the Raw Data Library I created as … Continue reading

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