It’s on my to-do list

I constantly have new ideas for this site and I’m starting to get worried I will forget them. As such I am starting this blog post and I will add to it as a think of new features to add. I will strike them through as I complete them. Please let me know of any items I should consider adding.

  1. Basic chatroom where users can view eachother’s brainwaves and sleep data
  2. REM alarm
  3. Multiple-user REM alarm
  4. “I’m awake!” button to override Zeo’s sleepstage decision
  5. Ability to add comments to a sleep record during the night
  6. Ability to add a Summary of a record (possible dream journal usage?)
  7. Fix the problem with signing-out users before they wake up (aka longer session timeouts)
  8. Add a redirect to a maintenance page for use when updating the site
  9. Make the site more modular so individual aspects can be updated separately (ongoing)
  10. Remodel databases and implement simple FFT compression to allow storing of the waveform data & more accurate frequency data
  11. Fix autocomplete issue with login on Firefox
  12. Allow sign-in form submission with enter key instead of button
  13. Convert login to use more secure openID instead of homemade system
  14. Change from flash to HTML5

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9 Responses to It’s on my to-do list

  1. comboyNo Gravatar says:

    Great site! I

    Is viewing past data already implemented? I cannot see any even though I recorded some. And do you have any plans on making it possible for users to export recorded raw data?

  2. comboyNo Gravatar says:

    About session recording: I did not press start :> I guess that could be it ;)

    Any chances that recording would be automatic if I only have script running on my computer?

  3. BrianNo Gravatar says:

    Hi comboy,

    Ah, that could do it. I do plan on making the recording automatic, but I am currently beyond swamped with school work.

    It probably wouldn’t be too hard to make a csv export. I want to change the database scheme first though (to compress the data more and allow waveform recording as well).

  4. comboyNo Gravatar says:

    It’s really great work you are doing :)

    One more thing before I’ll be asking on zeo forums. What is expected noise level? Because I’m wondering if everything is ok with my zeo, signal seems quite noisy and when I added debug I keep having BadSignal event all the time.

    And I’m sure that is a lame question, but what is SQI?

    And seriously. there’s not much interest yet, but keep up the great work. It’s already amazing that you’ve made that site and it works, and somebody can watch *through the internet live data* from my zeo and it also get archived. Thanks.

  5. BrianNo Gravatar says:

    Noise level should be pretty low. BadSignal event should happen very rarely…usually only if the headband has moved around/isn’t securely held in place.

    SQI is the signal quality index. Basically the number of successfully sent/received signals (without BadSignal).

    Thanks for the support! Even if interest never picks up, I (and a select group such as yourself) find it incredibly useful and entertaining. I have many innovations in mind…I just need to find the time to implement them.

  6. comboyNo Gravatar says:

    But what do you mean by low? Is 15 low? What range of values do you get? If I have BadSignal all the time should I try to write some letter of complaint and send my zeo back? (I really would not want to stay without it now though). Sorry I’m asking this here and not on zeo support, but I don’t know how official are these values. Thanks.

  7. BrianNo Gravatar says:

    Noiselevel is a measurement I created purely for my own uses. It typically (for me) is below 5 when remaining still/calm.

    BadSignal events however are a built in event for Zeo and should not happen frequently. The most common causes would be an unclean surface (sweaty skin, dirty headband, etc) or the headband isn’t on tight enough. I would suggest contacting Zeo support. They won’t know what Noiselevel is but if you tell them you are constantly getting BadSignal or low SQI they should be able to help you debug it.

    Good luck!

  8. SamNo Gravatar says:

    Will this site ver be compatible with Zeo Mobile?

  9. BrianNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Sam,

    This site (besides being in need of some major revisions) will probably not be compatible with the Zeo Mobile. We have not yet been able to get the Zeo Mobile to send raw eeg data due to battery life constraints and bluetooth’s high power consumption.