Tech Fails and Administrative Successes

I have been working with Zeo for a while now to get a blog post up on their site. Yesterday was the day that blog post was to go live…

Tech Fails

I had noticed that the last couple times I’ve used the site, the session times out and logs me out before I wake up in the morning. I attempted to fix it this morning (still working on a fix). Attempting this fix on the same day the site was to go truly public, was a bad idea to say the least.

What followed was a series of errors, crashes, and completely nonsensical mess ups on several of the website’s systems. Don’t worry, none of the data was messed up and all of the site’s content remained intact. The problems were mostly aesthetic and login oriented.

I wound up having to skip a couple classes to fix all the errors before the site went live. After several hours of furious coding, it is back up and better than ever!

After this issue, I may want to consider creating a “site undergoing maintenance” page to put up when I’m trying to fix things…

Administrative Successes

I have made several great strides on the administrative side of the site.

  1. The blog post on Zeo’s site. I’ve decided the site is at a point where I feel comfortable advertising it to the world!
  2. There is now a donate button on the bottom of the page. I want to try my best to keep this site free and up to date. Your contributions will help!
  3. Speaking of keeping the site free, Zeo has agreed to sponsor the site by covering server costs and helping to get me some shiny new development tools.
  4. Finally, I have entered into an affiliation program with Zeo. So if you are considering buying a Zeo, please buy through the links on this website to support Sleep Stream Online. Such as the one at the bottom of the page.

This site has certainly kept me busy, but I definitely think it was worth it!

Side note: Don’t worry, although I’ve been caught up with classes and administrative stuff I have been brainstorming how a multiple-user chat/brainwave interface would work. I like to map out how an idea would work before beginning implementation. More features ARE in the works!

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