Back in a flash!

Hi everyone!

Instead of doing my DSP (Digital Signals Processing) homework, I took the day to revamp the site a bit. Don’t worry, I’ll get the homework done tomorrow.

I was having some issues, especially in chrome, where the javascript constantly refreshing the images caused issues with the browser. It would either slow down the site’s responsiveness or actually crash the browser. My solution: use flash. At first I found flash quite counter-intuitive compared to the more raw text-based programming languages I’ve grown accustomed to. After playing around with it for a bit though, I can see the potential. I have created a small viewer swf file using actionscript 3.

I’ll be running a test tonight viewing data in Firefox, Chrome, and IE. Hope fully it will work! I will certainly update this post once I know if it will work.

There are two very cool side-effects of this update:

1. The graphs update a bit cleaner since flash can load the image and wait to switch what is displayed until it is fully loaded.

2. It is now incredibly easy to embed your viewer into any website! Of course this requires you to put your username and view password in the HTML code, but for those who don’t mind sharing the data (like myself) this is an awesome feature!

To show this, I’ve embedded a viewer of my data below. As you can see it is quite large…not even fitting into this blog form, but for now it is pretty nifty! In case you are curious, you might be able to catch my data after around 11:30pm EST on most nights.

If the test goes smoothly tonight, the next feature will be some REM alarms for lucid dreaming experiments!

EDIT: All three browsers ran smoothly all night long! This was a triumph I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS

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