Getting off the ground

Welcome to the Sleep Stream Online Blog!

This is the official blog for the world’s first sleep streaming website. You can stream, record, and share data from your Zeo using this website and the Raw Data Library I created as an intern for Zeo. It is also a long-term goal to support inter-dream communication using REM and eye movement detection.

The reason for this blog is two fold.

-The first and immediately useful function is to help me catalog what I’ve done so far and track my own progress. It is so easy to forget where a project started.

-The second reason directly follows the first. Once a user base is started, the blog will serve as the place to find out about all new updates to the site. This is especially crucial while the site is still in a development stage. I want users to know what is new, what has been changed, and why. It’ll also be a great way to get an idea from comments what users want without relying on emails.

That being said why don’t we go ahead and put up an initial status:
The site is currently written entirely in php and html, using a mysql database to stream and store all of the data. It uses a small python script that uses pyserial and the RDL to stream the data over HTTP. Currently a single 8-9hr night takes up about 1.5mb worth of data. The site supports streaming/viewing your own data, recording sessions of data, and giving a read-only view password to others to allow them to view your stream/past data.

So far there have been some web browser compatibility issues, notably with IE, but I believe they have been resolved. I am also unhappy with the javascript code that refreshes the graphs at 4hz. Currently I am leaning towards reimplementing viewing in pure Flash, but I want to tackle some more basic functionality before a full revamp of the site.

Current plan and goals:
*Initialize a REM alarm for a single user with some basic settings (such as how long you have to be in REM)
*Initialize REM alarm for multiple users
-at the same time as this I need to get multiple user viewing capabilities working
*Add a “I’m awake button” to override Zeo’s decision if you wake up
*Add some more features to the Dream Sharing section
*Update the site’s style/art

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One Response to Getting off the ground

  1. DanielNo Gravatar says:

    Amazing site and vision; truly the first of its kind. I am marking this date down and your first sleep-waves and sell them on ebay someday. :)