Welcome to Sleep Stream Online!

What is it?

Sleep Stream Online is a unique extension to Zeo's Raw Data Library (RDL). It allows you to stream all of your EEG waveform, frequency bins, sleepstages, events, and eye movements from your Zeo to the internet where it can be shared with others visually, processed online in conjuction with other user's records, or accessed easily by your own online sites. It also stores your Zeo's frequency bins, sleepstage, events, and eye movements for reviewing later. Waveform is not currently stored due to its large size.

You can view one user's data here using the username topcat and the view password topcat.


The simplest answer to this, is because it is cool and was fun to implement. There is something inherently awesome about being able to let others view your brainwaves and sleepstages. There are also other potential uses. You could have someone look at your data and coach you on meditation, synchronize lucid dreaming cues based on your own and other user's data, or send cues to other software/people over the internet simply by eye movements. If you have a great new idea or want to help support the site in any way, please contact me.